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World Mental Health Day Reports from Around the World!

Below you will find some of the amazing reports we have received for the 2017 WMHD Campaign to celebrate Mental Health and the Workplace. 


Titanic Belfast Gets MindWise for World Mental Health Day

Titanic Belfast in partnership with leading charity, MindWise, hosted a World Mental Health Day event for employers across Northern Ireland to highlight the theme 'Mental Health in the Workplace'.


I am pleased to update you that we hosted the Silver Ribbon Workplace Emotional Health and Wellness Summit yesterday and invited the Speaker of the Parliament to present commendation plaque to 32 employers who pledged to

  • promote mental wellness at their workplace,
  • offer equal job opportunities to people with mental health issues,
  • equip their management staff with knowledge and skills to support their employee, and
  • provide support to their at-risk employees


A report on this summit in our local paper. -


Thank you and take care.


Porsche Poh

Executive Director, Silver Ribbon


Estimados colegas, 

Les hacemos una cordial invitación a participar en el seminario virtual que realizaremos el martes 10 de octubre con motivo del Día Mundial de la Salud Mental, bajo el tema "La salud mental en el trabajo".

Una de cada cinco personas en ámbito laboral puede experimentar un trastorno de salud mental. Los problemas de salud mental tienen un impacto directo en los lugares de trabajo a través del aumento del ausentismo, la reducción de la productividad y el aumento de los costos de atención de la salud. El estigma y la falta de conciencia sobre la salud mental persisten como barreras para abordar la salud mental en el lugar de trabajo.


  • Johannes Siegrist. Profesor Titular Life-Science-Center, Heinrich-Heine Universidad Dusseldorf, Alemania
  • Laura Elena Navarrete Reyes. Investigadora en Ciencias médicas, Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría, México
  • Nhi-ha Trinh. Profesora Asistente de Psiquiatría de la Escuela de Medicina de Harvard (HMS). Directora, MGH Departamento de Psiquiatría Centro para la Diversidad. Directora de Estudios Multiculturales y Director de Servicios Clínicos. Programa de investigación clínica y depresión de la MGH
  • Dévora Kestel. Jefa de la Unidad de Salud Mental y Abuso de Sustancias.
  • Claudina Cayetano. Asesora Regional en Salud Mental. Unidad de Salud Mental y Abuso de Sustancias, OPS/OMS

Moderador: M. Antony Duttine, Asesor en Discapacidad, Unidad de Salud Mental, OPS

We kindly invite you to participate in the webinar that we will hold on Tuesday, 10 October, to mark World Mental Health Day, whose theme this year is "Mental Health in the workplace".   

AbleTo WMHD Pledge Signing.  
See full article from CEO here


Report from AGMI Cyprus 
World Mental Health Day 2017

Our campaign with the  “World Mental Health in the Workplace, World Mental Health  Day 2017”  was focused primarily to stakeholders such as the Ministries of Health and Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, pertinent government departments, Parliamentary Committees, MEPs, Commissioner’s office, and other NGOS such as employer organizations and trade unions.

  • The Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) is the most representative national employer organization, party political independent, with a mission to promote and support the benefits of Cypriot businesses in Cyprus, in the European Union (EU) and internationally. OEB has 52 different associations as members, covering more than 5.000 employees which are receiving a newsletter on a regularly basis. Their members cover more than the 60% of the number of employers in the island

  • The Cyprus Hotel Association, disseminated it to their members, 240 in total, that employ

  • The Cyprus Employees Confederation (SEK) is the largest Trade Union in the Island with more than 50.000 members.  It covers all industrial section, semi -government organizations and government casual employees. They promoted the campaign through their weekly newspaper, which reaches all their members either in paper or in digital form. 

  • Friday 27 October 2017 the Labour Inspection Department of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, organized the closing ceremony of the “Week for safety and health at work 2017”.  During the event, one of our members was honored for his long-standing contribution to Health and Safety Issues. During the deliberation, he referred to the campaign and underlined the need to involve in the discussion all the relevant stakeholders and their representative organizations. Attending the event were more than 200 Health and Safety Officers  
  • Furthermore, the message was disseminated  through  Facebook and other social media.  The message has reached more than 80.000 recipients.

AGMI acknowledges the support we had from these above-mentioned agencies.

Coordinators of Campaign,

Elise Torossian , President, AGMI

MimisTheodotou, MA Industrial Relations & Health and Safety


This year 2017 the World Mental Health Day held Qiilmawaaye Hotel Kismayo Jubaland State –Somalia, the theme of year 2017 is “Mental Health in the  Work Place”  these events established and funded by Habeeb Mental Health Foundation with collaboration MOH Jubaland  State, this anniversary of World Mental Health day attended 450 participant included members of ministers, Parliamentary of Somali Government, students from universities in Mogadishu and civil society.    See a youtube video of the event HERE.


UN Recognizes World Mental Health Day

**Mental Health Day

Today is also World Mental Health Day, which seeks to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health.  This year, the Day is focusing on mental health in the workplace.  According to the World Health Organization, a negative working environment may lead to physical and mental health problems, harmful use of substances, absenteeism and lost productivity.  However, employers and managers who put in place initiatives to promote mental health and to support employees who have mental disorders see gains not only in the health of their employees but also in their productivity at work.  More information online.  
submitted by WFMH UN Rep - Nancy Wallace


Rdo College of Nursing organised a World Mental Health Day event with our staff. We successfully celebrated the function with Dr. Heramani, Head of dept. Dept of Psychiatry, Rims Manipur, as chief guest, Sir W. Brajabidhu, Chairman, Rdo College of Nursing, as President and Th. Birota devi, vice-principal, Rdo College of Nursing, as guest of honour,  on 10 oct 2017.