World Federation for Mental Health
World Federation for Mental Health

Past Presidents

Dr. John R. Rees, London, England, (1948)

Dr. Andre Repond, Monthey, Switzerland (1949-1950)

Prof. W. Line, Toronto, Canada (1950-1951)

Prof. Alfonso Millan, Mexico, DF (1951-1952)

Dr. M.K. el Kholy, Cairo, Egypt (1952-1953)

Prof.. H.C. Rumke, Utrecht, Netherlands (1953-1954)

Dr. Frank Fremont-Smith, New York, USA (1954-1955)

Prof. Nilo Maki, Helsinki, Finland (1955-1956)

Prof. E.E. Krapf, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1956-1957)

Dr. Margaret Mead, New York, USA (1957-1958)

Dr. Brock Chisholm, Victoria, Canada (1958-1959)

Prof. Hans Hoff, Vienna, Austria (1959-1960)

Prof. Paul Sivadon, Paris, France (1960-1961)

Prof. A.C. Pacheco de Silva, Sao Paolo, Brazil (1961-1962)

Dr. George S Stevenson, New York, USA (1961-1962)

Dr. Phon Sangsingkeo, Bangkok, Thailand (1962-1963)

Prof. G.P. Alivisatos, Athens, Greece (1963-1964)

Dr. Alan Stoller, Victoria, Australia (1964-1965)

Sir Samual Manuwa, Lagos, Nigeria (1965-1966)

Dr. Otto Klineberg, Canada (1966-1967)

Prof. G. Morris Carstairs, Edinburgh, Scotland (1968-1972)

Prof. Michael Beaubrun, Kingston, Jamaica (1972-1974)

Prof. Tsung-yi Lin, Vancouver, Canada (1975-1979)

Mr. Gowan Guest, Esq, Vancouver, Canada (1979-1981)

Prof. Eugene B. Brody, Baltimore, USA (1981-1983)

Dr. Estefania Aldaba-Lim, Manila, Philippines (1983-1985)

Mrs. Edith Morgan, London, England (1985-1987)

Dr. Gamal M. Abou El Azayem, Cairo, Egypt (1987-1989)

Dr. Stanislas Flache, Geneva, Switzerland (1989-1991)

Dr. Max W. Abbott, Auckland, New Zealand (1991-1993)

Dr. Federico Puente-Silva, Meixco, DF, Mexico (1993-1995)

Mrs. Beverly B. Long, Georgia, USA (1995-1997)

Prof. Marten deVries, Maastricht, Netherlands (1997-1999)

Dr. Ahmed Abou El Azayem, Cairo, Egypt (1999-2001)

Mrs. Pirkko Lahti, Helsinki, Finland (2001-2003)

Dr. Patt Franciosi, Wisconsin, USA (2003-2005)

Mrs. Shona Sturgeon, Cape Town, South Africa (2005-2007)

Prof. John R.M. Copeland, London, England (2007-2009)

Mr. Anthony Fowke, Perth, Australia (2009-2011)

Mrs. Deborah Wan, Hong Kong   (2011-2013)

Prof. George Christodoulou, Greece (2013-2015)


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