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World Mental Health Day 2017

October 10th 2017 marks an anniversary: We come together to celebrate World Mental Health Day for the 25th time! World Federation for Mental Health founded the awareness day in 1992 and since then people all over the world are holding events, making announcements and celebrating #WorldMentalHealthDay.

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Mental health issues have been shown to increase employee absenteeism, lower rates of productivity and increased costs. This year's packet will contribute to taking mental health out of the shadows in the work place so that people and companies have the tools to help employees and increase the overall mental wellbeing of their workforce.

World Mental Health Day Reports from Around the World!

Below you will find some of the amazing reports we have received for the 2017 WMHD Campaign to celebrate Mental Health and the Workplace.


Titanic Belfast Gets MindWise for World Mental Health Day

Titanic Belfast in partnership with leading charity, MindWise, hosted a World Mental Health Day event for employers across Northern Ireland to highlight the theme 'Mental Health in the Workplace'.


I am pleased to update you that we hosted the Silver Ribbon Workplace Emotional Health and Wellness Summit yesterday and invited the Speaker of the Parliament to present commendation plaque to 32 employers who pledged to

  • Promote mental wellness at their workplace,
  • Offer equal job opportunities to people with mental health issues,
  • Equip their management staff with knowledge and skills to support their employee,
  • and provide support to their at-risk employees

A report on this summit in our local paper. –http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/promoting-mental-wellness-work

Thank you and take care.

Porsche Poh
Executive Director, Silver Ribbon